“We are more than mere traders, we are the ones that breathe life into the Jade”

For over 40 years, we are industrious in our craft, honing our trade and gaining reputation both locally and internationally in hopes of becoming the Par Excellence for collectors and ordinary customers alike. Moreover we would love to convey to the public about the history of the stone of heaven.

Kuay Mai Yok has been established since 1981 located in Chiang Mai, Thailand by Mr. Preecha and his wife Mrs. Woranan. We have received great honor to be on the Top feeds in New York Times in 1987 and have remained as the cream of the crop for our fine jewelries with top of the line service to our beloved customers. Additionally, we are also one of the Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association since 1987 and the owners are very talented, extremely experienced, and brilliantly educated as graduates of Gemological Institute of America (GIA). On the other hand, we have excellently nurtured our staff not only in product knowledge but in catering as well as understanding the stone’s history. All in all, we are proud of our standard of quality of the products and the service to customers.

“If you are keen in our jade products or would like to know more about jade, we are pleased to welcome you to our humble shop to see the process of carving by our 30 most gifted artisans and share additional information such as ways of judging quality and the genuinity of jade. There are also ancient medieval relics and ornaments alongside modern work of arts that may peak your interests. Please do join us at Kuay Mai Yok. We hope to see you soon.”

With over 40 years of experience, we have been meticulously creating jade products into exquisite and unique masterpieces. Don’t be hesitant to possess a fabric of the Cosmos!