EP.11 Art of Investment

Ep.11 Art of Investment

Before buying jade products, you should know what kinds of jade are they. Which type of jade can be an investment. For the past 10 years, the price of Jade has been rising from a million to over 100 millions Thai Baht per highest quality of Jade.

After this episode, we are certain that there are tons of jade experts coming to town! A keynote is that most of our competitors do not share this much information with customers due to the fact that the more educated the customers, the harder to sell or use any sly tricks. Nevertheless, we are sincere and willing to provide you all the information we have in order to help customers to be more precautions and make smart decisions to buy any jade products!

We are so glad to share all the tips and knowledge regarding jade to all the jade lovers. Please share this video to all our beloved friends and family to learn the basic knowledge of Jade. We sincerely hope for them to be aware of deceptions and be satisfied with their purchases.