EP.12 Design of Jade

EP12. Design of Jade Classic design? Art Deco design? Minimalist design? Modern design? The attraction of jade doesn’t only depend on the jade itself, it also depends on the setting of the jewelry. It assists in enhancing the outstanding beauty of the jade stone and makes it more extraordinary. However it still depends on people’s […]

EP.11 Art of Investment

Ep.11 Art of Investment Before buying jade products, you should know what kinds of jade are they. Which type of jade can be an investment. For the past 10 years, the price of Jade has been rising from a million to over 100 millions Thai Baht per highest quality of Jade. After this episode, we […]

EP.8 Hidden Treasures in Sacred Sectors

EP.8 Hidden Treasures in Sacred Sectors Relieve your mental stress and uplift your spirits by following us into Sacred holds to absorb Thailand’s harmonious culture. Enter religious grounds and observe centuries old ceremonies and feast your eyes on sacred ornaments. Experience the Traditionality of a Thai as we guide and explain our cultural behaviors, taboos […]

EP.9 Guide for New Collectors

EP.9 Guide for New Collectors A course will be provided for our amateur Jade lovers to better themselves in the trade. We will recommend sound advice in selecting and determining the right kind of product for you as an amateur. We hope the course will bring you insights and give you better product knowledge for […]

EP.3 Fraud Prevention

EP.3 Fraud Prevention This episode will provide you 4 basic tips to identify whether the jade is genuine or synthetic and how different they are. In addition, there are a lot of other greenstones making up 70% of jade in the gem market which are similar or inferior to masquerade as top quality by using […]

EP.5 เปิดบ้านเซียนหยก เปิดกรุเจ้าแม่หยก

EP.5 เปิดบ้านเซียนหยก เปิดกรุเจ้าแม่หยก Ep.นี้พาไปดู Collection หยกของเจ้าแม่หยกเมืองไทย ว่าจะสวยงามอลังการ น่าติดตามแค่ไหน “หยกทุกชิ้นมีเสน่ห์ ถ้าเราจะเริ่มต้นสะสม ไม่ต้องคิดว่า เราจะต้องสะสมของที่แพง แต่สะสมของที่เรารัก…”

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